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Unique Altitude offers 3 unique fitness training programs at different times throughout the day: boot camp classes, small group training, and personal training. We have classes to fit every person's needs and schedules.

Personal Our distinct downtown Denver gym has Denver's best certified instructors who work with each student to understand their fitness goals, how they are best motivated, and their limitations.

Dynamic Altitude Peak Fitness' bootcamps are 4-week dynamic programs, and have team-like atmospheres, which make these workouts even more fun and rewarding. We never repeat workouts, and since we don't get our workouts from corporate headquarters, our programs are unique to us. We base our workouts on science and current advances in exercise physiology.

Approved Altitude Peak Fitness was voted 5280 Magazine's "Top of the Town 2011" and one of "America's Top Boot Camps" in 2010.

No meatheads allowed!

What are you training for?

Boot camp is a high Intensity, high burn training camp with dynamic exercises to burn those calories. Classes are full of cardio, strength, agility and more. Every day is a new unique class, that way you never get bored and are always challenged. Join for 4 weeks or become an annual member.
Semi-private Training
Individualized fitness training in a group of 2-5. You will have more attention and be trained advanced movements, great for all fitness levels. We have kettlebells, TRX and Ripcore training. Check out the schedule for class times or start you own time with a friend (min of 2 people).
Open Gym
We offer Open Gym benefits to our annual members at Alt Fit. We understand busy schedules. If you are unable to make one of our many class times we have 2 different OG times daily for you to come in an follow one of our pre-programed workouts on your own.